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Book Brahmin: Diane Meier

Friday, April 09, 2010

I always read a number of books at once. And I rarely carry books between New York City and Connecticut--they wait for me in each spot, like friends I will visit at home. Currently I'm reading Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show--the latest novel from my husband, Frank Delaney--a brilliant, fast, funny, satirical look at the politics of love and money in 1932 Ireland; Hilma Wolitzer's Summer Reading, a small, engaging book about a summer reading group and three women whose lives are opened and expanded because of books (a chamber piece, maybe--but a chamber piece by Mozart); Nicky Haslam's Redeeming Features, a dishy memoir filled with great notes on the culture of the 1960s and behind-the-scenes accounts of people I've been interested in forever; Zach Mason's Lost Books of the Odyssey, a witty, playful, smart reworking of the classic Homeric myth, as Odysseus reinvents his own story; Amanda Vail's brilliant and graceful biography of Jerome Robbins, Somewhere, full of psychological insight and unexpected forgiveness.

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