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Hello, New Friends!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Not so very long ago, I didn’t know what a blog was. And right up until now (including NOW), I think that they (whomever they are) should be finding some other word (any other word) besides “blog”! As Aaron Sorkin would say, “I’m just saying…”

But blogs they are, and blogs, apparently they will be. And for Frank and for me, as championed by Evelyn Frison and Leah Paulos, here at MEIER, they have opened new lines of communication and contact with people so aligned with our interests, so smart, concerned, connected, committed and conscientious that our eyes have been opened to the power of meeting folks across a cyber path.

Not so very different, I suppose, than the Old World of ham radios or pen pals, but neither of us were ever involved with those things, either. And if squillions of fans came to believe that they knew Frank because his voice came into their home via their BBC dialed radios or televisions, he didn’t confuse it with actually knowing them.

This is different. Here we see the Bloggers histories and their hearts. They share the things they care about and the things they actually accomplish. And the way their followers respect and admire them is visible too. A whole world opens up and welcomes us in. And when they feel that we have something to share, we are made to feel welcome, indeed. I want to stay in touch – (or at least keep them in view) – with a number of these very interesting women and men.

I think you’ll enjoy getting to know them too. So – here are a few of their blog entries or posts about The Season of Second Chances. As fans of SSC, you might appreciate their points of view, but I urge you to stay a little longer on their sites, dip in a little deeper. You’ll find their lives – both internal and external – inspiring and enriching. What energy. What gracious generosity they demonstrate in the sharing of their ideas and the stuff of life that inspires or delights them.

And what a lesson to someone who didn’t even know enough to reach across the keyboard to look for them. Hello new friends. Thank you for being so very generous to and about The Season of Second Chances and to me. I promise to stay in touch!

Here are a few of their blog entries:






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